“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.”

-Seth godin

We are passionate about telling stories.

And told well, a story can intrigue and inspire.

We’re a multi-award winning video production agency based in Birmingham and Norwich who work with brands and businesses to craft compelling branded content and commercial films. Our award winning approach to filmmaking is designed to spark interest, engage and move your audience. Whatever your story, we’re here to help you tell it.

Working closely with every client, we take the time to understand your brand, your ideas, aims and ultimate goals. We uncover each unique story and create bespoke content to captivate your target audience. Our storytelling skills and technical expertise breathe life into each and every one of our unique and creative concepts.

Through our collaborative end to end production process, we offer creative solutions and encourage feedback and client involvement. Our team of creative professionals are passionate about their work. From pre to post production, superior artistry and attention to detail ensure the finished film tells an authentic story.

We’ve travelled around the world telling our clients’ stories. Whether you’re just down the road or an ocean away, we’re willing to go wherever your story takes us.



Forward Founder & Creative Director

Tom founded Forward in 2010 to further his lifelong love and study of filmmaking.

At age five, a first watch of The Empire Strikes Back sparked his infectious enthusiasm for all things film. Pursuing his passion, Tom went on to graduate from UEA with a degree in Film and Television Studies. Since establishing the company, Tom hasn’t looked back. With an extensive knowledge of both the creative elements and technical aspects of filmmaking, Tom is most at home behind the camera, crafting beautiful images and directing engaging stories. From concept development to creative directing, Tom’s expertise and enthusiasm permeate every project.

Experienced people passionate about film

When it comes to assembling a team, we only look for talented individuals, with the passion and experience needed to create outstanding productions. Ensuring that when you choose Forward for your large scale campaigns, we only have the cream of the crop in our crew, creating content of outstanding quality.

Awards & Recognition

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