The forward process

Our tried and tested video production process ensures great results

This is how we bring your video to life...

With over 10 years and hundreds of successful projects under our belts, we know a thing or two about how to make great videos. Whether you need a piece of branded content, a high-end web commercial or a series of training films, our process ensures great results every time.

Like everything we do, our approach is influenced by high end film and television best practices. So much of the success of a video project is in the planning. We'll never just show up with a camera and wing it; our films are carefully planned and crafted in the pre-production stage to ensure everybody's ideas are aligned and we've got a rock solid plan to execute a successful production in an efficient timescale.

Only once our plan is in place do we arrive with our crew and capture the beautiful images that will create your video.

With Covid-19 and the challenges it brings an everyday reality, now more so than ever careful and creative planning and a well thought out production process are vital to ensuring the success of your production.



Key to the success of any project is understanding your brand, objectives and audience; so before we even switch on a camera we meet, listen and ask questions. We take time to learn about you and your story, and use the insights gained to create, plan, moodboard and storyboard until we’ve crafted the ideal solution.



Once we have a plan, its time to roll cameras. We direct, shoot and capture the beautiful sound and visuals we need to tell your story. We combine our storytelling skills with state of the art equipment to bring our creative concept to life, working with a team of professionals to capture the footage we need.



Once we’ve captured your story, its time to assemble, cut and polish; crafting the story from the raw material we’ve shot. We’ll edit, mix and assemble, allowing time for your feedback throughout, before spending time putting the finishing touches to the piece to ensure it looks and sounds amazing.

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