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InboxMe | TV Commercial

As a growing online business InboxMe wanted to raise their brand profile nationally. With that in mind they approached us to produce their first ever TV commercial.

We worked with the team to create a concept which would appeal to their target market, and set about finding suitable actors and locations to bring the concept to life. We covered every aspect of the project including the creation of a script, shooting and directing, editing and colour grading, and of course delivering files fit for TV. We worked closely with the client to ensure we captured the essence of the brand in the creative.

The finished commercial was launched on Christmas Day and aired on ITV1 and Dave as well as other commercial TV channels. The ad was very successful, with the client seeing an uplift in the amount of sign ups over the course of the campaign, as well as being approached by a major dating website shorty after the ad aired.

Core Service

Concept / Direction / Cinematography / Post Production