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ISL | Mission Experience Series 2

After the success of the first series of 10 Mission Experience films we created for The International School of London, we were thrilled to be asked to return to London, Surrey and Qatar to produce a second series of 14 further commercials.

Like all good sequels, we wanted this batch of films to be more ambitious than what we’d achieved first time around. With a much longer production schedule, including a full 7 days filming in Qatar and a great new cast of staff and students, we were able to really push the boundaries and scale of this set of videos.

We agreed that these commercials should aim to show life outside the school, and this allowed us to capture some incredible footage from around Qatar, filming amongst the skyscrapers in downtown Doha and obtaining special permission to film the national monument at Katara.

We’re incredibly proud of what we managed to create, and the films have gone on to be just as successful as the first series in capturing the core values of the ISL Group.

"I've worked with Forward on a series of videos for our schools. Tom is very easy to work with. He is imaginative, professional, works well with our team and understands what we do. His work is a heart-warming reflection of who we are and is always delivered in a timely fashion and on budget."

Heather Mulkey, Marketing & Admissions Officer, ISL Group

Core Service

Concept / Direction / Cinematography / Post Production


Polypod / Chris Pearsall Photography / Doppler & Dubbs