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Project Background

The NHS Wellbeing Service Norfolk and Waveney commissioned us to create an impactful film featuring a cast of local celebrities performing a poem about the importance of reaching out for help with your mental health, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kelvin Colbourn Community Development Coordinator Team Leader, NHS Wellbeing Norfolk & Waveney

“Forward were brilliant to work for from our first meeting to the brilliant end product. Tom was really knowledgeable and took our vision into consideration and we couldn’t be happier with the short video that was produced. The whole crew were thoroughly professional throughout filming but also personable and really great to work with, really recommend them for any production!”

The Concept

The Norfolk and Waveney NHS Wellbeing Service provides vital support for people with common mental health and emotional issues, including low mood, depression or stress. They work with a wide range of people to help them to make the necessary changes to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

After the success of several previous projects, Forward were again commissioned to create something quite different to what we had produced for the Wellbeing Service before. The Wellbeing team wanted to produce a short, impactful film to help promote the importance of reaching out for help with mental health difficulties, especially during the isolation everyone experienced during Covid-19.

The Wellbeing service had commissioned a poem, and working together we quickly decided that the best approach would be to gather a cast of local celebrities and get them to read out snippets of the poem. We’d seen this approach done before using self-shot footage captured on mobile phones, but wanted to really up the production value in order to increase the impact and engagement of the video.

Working remotely due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we helped the Wellbeing team cast the video and choose suitable locations. We then undertook a 3 day shoot across multiple locations in Norfolk and Suffolk to capture the entire poem, and then created a short engaging video in the edit.

The film has been a huge success; seen thousands of times and has helped the Wellbeing Service get their message across via appearances on Radio, TV News, Newspapers and across social media.

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