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Project Background

The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Wellbeing Service provides vital support for people with common mental health and emotional issues, including low mood, depression or stress. They work with a wide range of people to help them to make the necessary changes to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

Esmee Henstra Peer Support Worker Team Lead

“Working with Forward has been an incredible experience. Tom was able to assist on every aspect of the project whilst respecting and understanding our vision and aim of the video. We experienced some hurdles along the way preparing for the filming but he assisted where he could coming up with new ideas to still be able to create an interesting and engaging film by the end. He understood the tone we wanted to set and all the messages we wanted to communicate. And because of this, the editing process went smoothly and we were almost immediately pleased with the end result. He was hard working on the day, working around constraints, checking in with me if I was happy with the content he was recording. I really felt he wanted the project to succeed as much as we did and worked extra to make that happen.
The end result is better than I could have expected. Thank you very much Forward, it’s been a real pleasure working with you!”

The Concept

After the success of our first project with the Wellbeing Service, the team approached Forward to create another film, this time to promote the telephone support services offered by the psychological wellbeing practitioners employed by the Wellbeing Service.

We met with the team and discussed their success criteria for the project. After successfully using existing users of the Wellbeing Service in our last video series, we suggested a similar approach for this film, this time using actors and scripted scenarios to convey the real stories due to the sensitivity of the stories being told. We targeted a high production value for this project, fusing cinematic visuals with real testimonials to create an engaging end result.

The Wellbeing team were delighted with the end result, and the film has been rolled out across their website and social media. We look forward to working with the team again soon.

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