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Project Background

This short biopic documentary explores the work and life of artist Nial Adams; encompassing loss, grief, legacy and embracing change.


The Concept

The origins of this film lie in the multi award-winning documentary work I directed for a client in 2016-2017. After spending many years telling other people’s stories, I yearned to tell a story of my own, with only myself to answer to as a client! I knew I wanted to create a longer, more in depth biopic documentary style piece, but first needed to find a suitable subject.

I had known Nial for a few years, having met him as a business and marketing professional at a networking event. I was aware he had decided to. become an artist and was vaguely aware of the story behind it, so I made contact and we met to talk through my intentions. After meeting with him it was clear there was an incredible story to be told, both about his incredible art, but also the emotive personal journey that had lead him back to it.

I then set about creating the piece, assembling a team and filming the initial interview and B-roll with Nial and then working on the edit and subsequent pick up shoots over the next couple of years, funding production between commercial projects with their profits.

I worked hard to ensure that despite being a real story in the documentary genre, that the film has a very high quality, intentional feeling about it, whether that be in the cinematography, music, sound design or edit. I wanted to create something that sits somewhere between true fly on the wall documentary and a more polished, planned narrative piece. With the help of some fantastic collaborators (and taking a little more time than I originally intended) I think we’ve achieved that goal. I hope you enjoy watching Nial’s incredible story as much as we have telling it.

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