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UEA | Lifelong Learning

Established in 1963, The University of East Anglia is a Top 20 UK university located in Norwich.

We’ve worked with UEA for over 6 years, producing a large amount of video content for a variety of different departments across the university. We were delighted to be commissioned to produce a new piece of content to be added to an existing Future Learn MOOC course we’d produced for the university, and to also be used to promote the experience of being a mature student at UEA.

We were keen to explore the lives and stories of several current mature students, and after interviewing a few candidates we settled on Kara, Paul and Alison, all of whom had a unique perspective on life as a mature student. We set about filming in depth interviews and followed each of them through a day in their life at UEA, before weaving together their stories to form a cohesive narrative.

The finished film has been added to the Preparing for University MOOC on Future Learn, as well as being used by the university to promote its mature student programme.

Core Service

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