Canon Masterclass with Wex Photo Video


Tom teaching the attendees the best way to rig the Canon C300 MKII

Forward’s Creative Director & resident Cinematographer Tom was recently asked to present a Masterclass on the Canon C300 MKII cinema camera at Wex Photo Video’s flagship store in London.

Having been one of the first companies to own the C300 MKII after its initial launch in October 2015, we’ve shot a huge variety of projects with the camera, from branded content and commercials through to feature films and all of our award winning #MoreThanAnImage series for Wex Photo Video. This breadth of experience with the camera meant that Tom was well placed to teach the attendees of the course a huge range of tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the camera.

The course covered both technical and creative aspects of working with the camera, covering best settings and practices, how to rig and shoot with the camera and tips and tricks on the best workflow on set and in post production in order to get the best image from the camera.

Tom had a great time (despite having to wear a very 1990s headset microphone!) and the workshop was very well received from its attendees.


Tom demonstrating how to light and expose an interview during the masterclass

Tom demonstrating how to light and expose an interview during the masterclass

Canon also recently featured our award winning film about Giles Duley on their Professional website. The case study explores our use of the C300 MKII during the production of the film.

You can learn more about the project by reading the case study here: