Preparing for Uni

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Project Background

We once again teamed up with UEA to create some new content for their hugely successful Preparing for Uni course


The Concept

FutureLearn offer a diverse range of massively online open courses (or MOOCs) from universities around the world. UEA is a leading partner and producer of content for the platform, and we were pleased to be commissioned by the MOOC team at UEA to produce the entire set of course videos for their Preparing for Uni MOOC.

Building on our experience creating content for several previous MOOC courses, we aimed to increase the scope and production value for this project to ensure it was an engaging learning tool. Using our experience crafting engaging commercial content for brands, we approached filming the course from a more commercial viewpoint. We spent time lighting and shooting the content in a more cinematic way, ensuring it remains engaging for the viewer. In total, we produced over an hour of high quality course content.

This course and the previous MOOC courses we’ve produced content for have been hugely successful, and have recently won a UEA Engagement Award.

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